The Complete Guide on How to Start a Photobooth Business The Quick and Easy Way in Less than 30 Days!



Is Photo Booth a Good Business?

The simple answer: YES.

The simplicity, enjoyment, and the lucrative money made from a photo booth business are more than enough reasons to start one in your local area.

Setting up a photobooth business can be quite simple, especially if you partner with a provider like IncomeBooth, who provides all of the photo booth equipment needed, as well as a number of guides, tutorials, and one-on-one mentor support from an existing photo booth entrepreneur, to set you up for success for years to come.

How to Start a Photo Booth Business as Quickly & Easily as Possible in a Few Weeks

Today, we are going to go over how you can start your own profitable photo booth business and start generating income in just a few weeks from scratch with minimal time or effort spent.

I know that may be seem a little out there but I am going to over exactly how this can be achieved so make sure you read the whole guide because you are going to learn some valuable information that could increase your income significantly for many years to come.

Now I’m excited to be able to discuss this opportunity with you to create your own successful local business, with just a small investment that can seriously bring in big-time returns month-after-month, year-after-year.

This could be done with little effort and time on your own part; it’s definitely an exciting opportunity for those ambitious people out there and one that not many people think of.

I’m excited to be able to share this information with you so let’s get started.

So first – let’s go over who this would be a perfect opportunity for:

  • Anyone who is learn looking to earn a higher annual income or supplement their current income
  • Anyone who is looking to start their own business with the capability of generating passive income
  • Anyone who is looking to make a smart investment with quick returns and a large return on investment with little upfront cost
  • Anyone who works from home and is looking to bring in more income while enjoying the freedom they enjoy in life
  • Anyone already in the events or wedding industry who is looking to increase their average per-customer revenue by substantially increasing your average sales totals


So, there’s a lot of people out there who could gain from this opportunity. Basically, anyone who enjoys making money by starting their own business should pay close attention to the information coming up as this business is one that is not too hard to get into and can create passive income while being a breeze to maintain.

However like any business, it takes some work to get started and set up properly, and you will need to learn what it takes to get on the path to success.

That’s exactly what we try to do at IncomeBoothwe help build better photo booth businesses by giving you all of the tools and knowledge upfront, so that you can create your photo booth business right away and make the right steps towards success in the most efficient manner.

Let’s get to what you’ll learn today:

First, we will go over everything that you need to know and do in order to start and run your own photo booth business so that you know what is required to start and maintain the business while it generates income as you sit around doing nothing – and that’s something that we all want isn’t it.

Secondly, we’ll go over the one simple strategy you can use right away to start getting paying clients off the bat who will start to pay off your investment and those who will continuously create a return on your investment on a month-to-month and year-to-year basis.

Last but certainly not least, we’ll go over how you can run this whole business with no time or effort and truly earn passive income which is a beautiful feeling.

So again, I’m excited to get into this and show you can start your own profitable photo booth business, the quick and easy way.

But before we do that, let me tell you a little more about myself and IncomeBooth:

IncomeBooth is a leading supplier of photo booth systems in North America focused on building better photo businesses.

We do this by not only providing modern, innovative photo booth systems; we also use our expertise in the industry as well as in online marketing & design to your advantage and offer free exclusive access to our membership website which provides the blueprint on how to build a profitable and successful photo booth business including video and written guides, tutorials, breakdowns, and strategies to make your business a success as quick and easy as possible .

We also offer proven website design templates to allow photo booth business owners to get up-and-running right away with out any hassles.

I have personally been running a local photo booth business since 2006 so I have learned a lot of things about what to do and what not to do in order to build a successful photo booth business.

Our photo booth business is currently earning six-figures annually with 3 booths currently operating. When we go through the information coming up, you will start to see how creating a six-figure annual income is possible with a photo booth business.

Now enough about us: it’s time to get into the business and to start off, let’s go over why starting a photo booth business is something that you should be definitely considering at this point.

Firstly, as you can tell in recent years, the demand for photo booths at events is skyrocketing. Whether it be for a wedding, birthday, corporate event, or any other special event, photo booths are in high demand.

I’m sure you have noticed photo booths at many events you have attended and they’re definitely not going away any time soon.

Secondly, the investment needed to start a photo booth business is relatively small especially compared to the startup costs of other businesses.

When you consider the cost to rent a photo booth for an event, which we will go over soon, you will see the huge potential for large Return on Investment – and remember, once you earn the amount of the startup cost, all of the income after that is essentially profit, minus tiny operational costs relative to what you’ll be earning.

Even if you don’t have the money for the complete photo booth system, you can finance your photo booth business so that you can pay off your investment as you earn money from the high-priced rental rates for your photo booth.

To put it in perspective, you can finance a photo booth for an estimated $100-$200/month based on the length of your term and your credit.

As you will soon learn, your monthly investment can be earned by renting your photo booth out for only one hour!

Given the fact that there are parties and special events throughout the year and how much you earn per event, it is a very good investment by all standards.

You’ll also be making easy, extra income which can be passive income, and if you don’t know I mean by passive income: It means it’s income received on a regular basis, with little effort required to maintain it.

Time is one of our most valuable assets in life, and creating different streams of passive income will put you in a position to create true wealth and a life of freedom.

For those who always wanted to start your own business, this is the perfect opportunity for you to do so, even if you are still working a full-time job or going to school.

It’s a perfect opportunity for pretty much anyone out there looking to increase their income with their own business.

We now know the reasons why it’s a great idea to start a photo booth business, let’s take a look at how much you will be earning per hour of operation and how you will be earning your return on investment which could potentially go as high as six figures per year depending on how many events you book in a year.

The hourly rates for photo booth rental vary between companies which ranges between $175 an hour on the low-end and $300 an hour on the high-end. Do some quick local market research to see what others are charging in your local region to get a good idea of what you can charge per hour.

You may want to charge closer to the lower-end until you have a few events under your belt so that you can build up a gallery and testimonials from previous clients so that you gain trust from potential clients visiting your website for the first time. photo-booth-ratesMost events will require the photo booth anywhere between 3-6 hours a night. If you do the math, with those types of numbers, you could pay off your startup costs with only 5-10 events!

That’s obviously depending on how many hours each of your bookings are and your hourly rental rate. Regardless, you can definitely see how quick and easy it can be to start earning a profit with a photo booth business.

Something that I was proud of and can certainly be achieved by anyone who is willing to put in some work at the beginning, was reach our break-even point at only between 3-4 months after purchasing our first photo booth.

So, this is where our mission of building better photo booth businesses from others comes from.

We’ve seen how easy it can be, how quickly profitability can be reached, and the potential of how much you can make on an annual basis – so with all of the experience and knowledge we’ve gained, I am able to share this information with you today of what we’ve learned so that we can help you to start off on the right note, pay off your investment costs in only a few months, and generate pure profits after that running the business as efficient as possible.

Now, let’s jump into what exactly starting and running a photo booth business consists of to give you an idea of how simple starting and growing this business can really be.

I’ve broken it down into three main areas that are essential for growth and operation:

  • The photo booth system itself
  • An online presence to market your business to local customers
  • Finally, the customer service needed to engage and close customers into bookings where you will have someone attend the event

This is pretty much it.

It doesn’t take much more than this and you don’t need to make any more harder than it needs to be.

These are the cores of your business and all that is needed to start generating income on a regular basis.

I mean – it’s not rocket science.

As you’ve seen, the rental rates for a photo booth per night are quite high and running the business is actually quite simple.

You do however need to generate leads and convert those leads into paying customers.

This can all be achieved with a proper online presence. What that includes is:

  • A mobile-friendly website, which is increasingly important due to Google’s recent changes to their search algorithm which penalizes websites that are not mobile-friendly
  • You also need an attractive, modern website design that is built to convert visitors into leads who will contact you and give you the easy opportunity to turn them into paying customers

You’ll also want to get your brand out there on the many available marketing channels out there such as local search listings, social media, and wedding directories; all of which we cover more in-depth on our membership website for IncomeBooth users.

The third important area of the business is customer service. Your customer service is simple for this business: you’ll need someone to answer your phone calls and someone to answer your emails.


In both situations, the objective is to answer any questions a potential customer may have about your service, close the deal, and secure the booking.

For event-based rental services, you’ll want someone to make sure everything is running smoothly during an event so ideally you will want an attendant running the unit who’s main job is to make sure the machine is operating smoothly and the users are having an excellent experience and receiving their photos once they are done.

FYI: The photo booth attendant is optional. Our photo booth systems, for example, are capable of operating by itself.

That’s it – stripped down to the basics – that is what is needed to operate your photo booth business and just that, is what it takes to start generating a 5-6 digit annual income.

We will go more into systems and strategies of how run the business as efficient as possible; however for now, you get the picture of how simple this could really be for you.

Now you may be thinking: How can I start getting paying customers right away so that I can break even as soon as possible and start earning pure profits?

Well, there’s a simple solution for that as well and is what I used personally to earn back my startup costs in just over 3 months:

Pay-per-click advertising, and most importantly to start: Google AdWords.


Yes, that’s right – AdWords is Google’s top revenue generator and for good reason – because they generate so much revenue for their customers.

Google earns its billions and billions of dollars by genuinely serving their customers and connecting users who search for their needs to businesses who meet the users’ needs.

Providing exactly what we need to truly succeed with a photo booth business.

It’s that simple.

Create a simple AdWords campaign and target specific keywords to make sure you are targeting the right users.

Below, we list some of the popular keywords used to target people who are looking to rent a local photo booth for their event:

  • photo booth rental [city name]
  • [city name] photo booth
  • photobooth rental
  • photo booth rentals
  • rent a photo booth in [city name]

These are just a few examples and is a great starting point to attracting the right visitors to your website from pay-per-click advertising.

Sure, there are many other strategies that can be used to generate more business for your photo booth business as well and we go over all of those in our members site, however this is the quick one that can drive qualified leads to your website, where you can then convert into paying customers once they enter your sales funnel.

You can start this as soon as your website is setup and you have your photo booth system on hand.

Once you gain your first few customers, you’ll have a growing gallery to show off your product along with testimonials to help you convert more customers at a higher rate per hour.

This simple strategy will start to grow your business allowing you to reach profitability in no time.

Even if you are new to pay-per-click advertising or online marketing in general, don’t worry as we have created our members only website for that very purpose of teaching anyone how to create campaigns that drive qualified leads to your website and also how to make sure your website is built to be its own 24/7 automated sales person so that you get more inquiries that will lead to bookings.

And we all know what bookings equal = Revenue.

The beauty of it is you don’t need a ton of traffic to your website in order to get bookings.

As long as your targeting the right people online with your ads, you can create a successful business with even 1-2 clicks a day as long as you have a website that is built to convert those visitors into leads and again, we go into this further in our membership website.

When I first started out, my ad budget only allowed for 1-2 clicks a day which cost me about $1-$1.50 per click, however when those added up throughout the month, and with my conversion rate being good enough (with a well-made website), which was right under about 15%, the revenue I brought in from those few events I booked paid any advertising costs with ease, and allowed me to pay my whole startup costs in a little over 3 months.

After that, I was enjoying pure profits after paying minimal operational costs which compared to the revenue generated by the photo booth, was nothing.

It was an awesome feeling, it allowed me to grow my traffic more with organic strategies such as local search engines, social media and other strategies, which only raised my revenues without increasing my costs.

I did all of this while I was working a 9-5 job and it created no issues for me at all.

It even allowed to eventually quit my job and then as I learned how to delegate almost all of the tasks of operating the business, it created something else for me as well.

This was the first time I personally felt the first taste of freedom.

I had income coming in, and it wasn’t taking any of my time.

It allowed me to pursue other ventures that I always dreamed of such as working on websites and online marketing, and eventually mixing a number of my passions to help build IncomeBooth… to help others build photo booth businesses as well, so that they could get the same feeling and maybe have the same opportunity, but to do it better from the very start, so that anyone can reach success and start earning profits as quick and easy as possible.

And that can be you too.


You might be thinking about how I delegated all of my tasks so that the business was no longer taking any of my time.

I break it down very simply below:

The first step is a little obvious but is essential to truly creating passive income with this business and that is to hire a photo booth attendant to oversee the booth at the event.

I currently pay an hourly wage of $15/hour which when you think about the hourly rental rate for a photo booth, is not very much.

You can choose whatever wage you’d like, but that’s what I felt was fair for what is really a very easy job

What I’ve seen some people do is find a co-founder so that they can focus on certain aspects of the business, while the other handles the rest.

This can work real well depending on the partnership, especially if one is experienced with one area and the other with another.

Another benefit of this is the any business costs are split in half, but that usually means the revenue are also split in half. This is something that you can consider if you’re a little iffy bout going in alone.

All of you have seen what it takes to operate this whole business and some of you may be thinking, “Hey I could easily do everything myself!” And you’d be right, it’s not very hard at all.

But the beauty of this is that it’s all up to you – you get to decide how much you want to do and you can outsource the rest.

The internet has changed everything and allows us to outsource almost every aspect of running a business, and at very low costs, especially when you compare it to hiring your own employees.

Everything from answering emails, answering phone calls, posting on social media, search engine optimization, and even pay-per-click ad management can be outsourced easily using a website like

You can pretty much outsource all of your business tasks to others who specialize in the specific field and can ensure your business is operating smoothly and experiences growth in a consistent manner.

This is exactly how I grew into a six-figure annual business, while earning enough to pay off my second photo booth as well as my third.

This stuff is not rocket science, it’s a lucrative business.

It just takes some initial effort and an investment in order to get off the ground on to the road to success.

With IncomeBooth, every photo booth package comes with exclusive access to our Members Only website and use of one of our proven website design templates so that you have absolutely everything you need to start your own profitable photo booth business.

If you feel you are ready to learn more about starting your own photo booth business, check out our photo booth packages to take the first step in starting your own successful business.


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